24 Hour Service

You never know when a plumbing problem might strike, which is why you need a 24 hour plumber you can rely on. Plumbers Phoenix has the best team of plumbers in the state and we always have a team on call to handle even the most difficult emergencies.

Fair Rates – No Matter What Time of Day or Night
A big concern that our customers have is that they will be overcharged for emergency plumbing services. We will not take advantage of your situation and pride ourselves in providing fair rates even in emergency situations.

Appointments At Your Convenience
You don’t have to be suffering from a plumbing emergency to need 24 hour plumbing services! Many of our customers have busy lives and don’t want to interrupt them just to wait for a plumber to arrive. We respect your schedule and will come at whatever time is convenient for you.

Commercial Plumbing Services after Business Hours
Even simple plumbing fixes or maintenance can severely disrupt your business if done during working hours. We work closely with our commercial clients to ensure that routine plumbing never disrupts workflow. Our plumbers will come at whatever time is suitable for you, be it after your employees have gone home in the evening or early in the morning.

What to Expect When You Call Plumbers Phoenix
Our team at Plumbers Phoenix consists of knowledgeable dispatchers and licensed, experienced plumbing professionals. When you call, the dispatchers will ask you some basic questions about your plumbing problem. They may also advise you on any steps you should take to contain a plumbing emergency, such as turning off the water main. The dispatcher will then send out a licensed plumber to your address. We can usually be at your home or business within 20 to 30 minutes of your initial call.

Please understand that it is impossible to give an exact quote for plumbing services over the phone; plumbing quotes can only be given in person after our plumbers have assessed what the problem and best solution is. However, we have an open pricing policy which means you will get a quote before we begin work and will not have to pay more than the agreed upon price.

Our plumbers will use the latest equipment to determine what your plumbing issue is. These tools, along with decades of experience, our plumbers are able to accurately assess the full scope of the problem. Based on factors including the condition of your pipes, materials, and location of the problem, we will present you with viable solutions. Our goal is always to take care of the entire problem, but we understand that budget might prevent some customers from making expensive plumbing upgrades right away. In these cases, we will do what we can to fix the immediate problem – such as using an epoxy to fix a leak until corroded pipes can be completely replaced.

In most situations, plumbing emergencies can be fixed on the first visit by one plumber. If the problem can’t be fixed right away, we will make a temporary fix so you can have normal water usage until we come back with the team and parts to get the entire job done. After solving your plumbing emergency, we clean up after ourselves so your home is left tidy.

Need a plumber right now? Contact Plumbers Phoenix anytime. We are ready to help you solve all your plumbing emergencies.
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