Drain Cleaning

Over time, drains get coated with layers of grease, oils, hard water, and foreign objects. Store-bought drain cleaning products can help remove some of this layer of filth from your drains. However, if the drains are obstructed by a solid clog, then these products will likely do more harm than good. At Plumbers Phoenix, we are experts in unclogging and cleaning drains.

Even if your drains aren’t obstructed, we still recommend having your drains cleaned every few years as a preventative measure. The process is fast and cheap, and can save you the hassle of clogs – plus prevent the chance of overflows which lead to property damage and health risks.

There are a couple of tactics which are used to unclog or clean drains. The process used will depend on where the obstruction is located and the type of obstruction.

Unclogging Drains with a Snake
This is the most basic method of cleaning a drain, and is used in situations where foreign objects (such as toilet paper or wads of hair) are clogging a single drain. A flexible auger with a sharp end is inserted into the drain. The auger’s sharp tip cuts a hole through the clog. This will allow water to flow again and push the clog out of the drain pipe.

Keep in mind that a drain snake will only cut a hole through the clog. Sometimes, this is enough to dislodge the entire clog so it exits the drain. However, in many cases, the outer parts of the clog will remain in the drain. The drain will not be completely clean and may clog again. This is why hydro jetting is considered the best method of drain cleaning.

Unclogging Drains with Hydro Jetting
Hydro jetting is a process which completely cleans drains, rather than just cutting a pathway through a clog. To perform hydro jetting, our licensed Phoenix plumbers will insert a hose with jets on its end into the drains. The jets shoot out pressurized water which clears the drains of any grease, hair, oils, or foreign objects.

Most modern drain pipes are strong enough to withstand the pressure of hydro jetting. Before performing hydro jetting, our plumbers will inspect your drains to make sure they aren’t corroded or significantly damaged. We also inspect your pipes after hydro jetting to see if there are any pinhole leaks or other issues which need to be taken care of. Our plumbers are highly trained and experienced with hydro jetting. When they are done, your pipes will be as good as new and protected against buildup-related clogs for years to come.

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