At Plumbers Phoenix, we understand that no one likes paying for plumbing repairs and many of the calls we get are unexpected emergencies. That is why one of the first questions we get is “how much will plumbing services cost?”

It is impossible to give an exact price quote for plumbing services over the phone or online. Here is why:

We Need to Diagnose the Problem First
You might think that your shower is clogged, but the problem might actually be tree roots in the sewer main. A leaking pipe might be a sign that your pipes are corroded throughout. A malfunctioning water heater might be due to hard water deposits, or it might be from faulty wiring. Our plumbers cannot diagnose problems over the phone based on your description. They must visit your home and assess the situation in order to give you an accurate quote.

We Must Calculate Material Costs
Once our plumbers have diagnosed the problem, they will be able to determine which materials should be used to make the repair. Plumbing quotes for PEX tubing vs. copper piping, for example, will be very different. We only use quality products to make repairs, which is why we can guarantee our plumbing work and you can rest at ease knowing that the repair will last.

Location Also Affects Plumbing Costs
The location of the plumbing problem can also affect the price of plumbing services. For example, if we need to get into a small crawlspace to make a repair, the repair will take longer and it will cost more. Repairs in walls or repairs that require digging will also add more to the costs of plumbing services.

Don’t Trust Plumbing Quotes Given Over the Phone
When you call Plumbers Phoenix for a price estimate, we can only give a ballpark figure based on our plumbers’ hourly rates. Many of our customers will call other plumbing companies to get more quotes, and then go with the company which gives them the lowest quote. This is a recipe for disaster, as many unscrupulous plumbing companies in Arizona will give unrealistically low quotes in hopes of luring you in to use their services, only to shock you with higher fees after they have completed the work.

At Plumbers Phoenix, you will know exactly how much your house call will cost. The plumber will then diagnose the problem and explain your repair options to you. Before any work is done, the plumber will give you an actual price quote. With this up front pricing policy, you will know exactly how much the plumbing repair will cost. If you think the price is too high, you are in no obligation to us and can call in another plumber. However, we know that our rates are fair and that our workmanship is of the highest quality. That is why so many of our new customers come from word of mouth.

Don’t let unscrupulous plumbing companies lure you in with unrealistically low quotes. At Plumbers Phoenix, we give in-person price quotes based on the problem at hand. With our up front pricing policy, you know exactly how much our plumbing services will cost before we begin.

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