Pipes in older Phoenix homes are generally made from galvanized steel or iron. These materials are reactive and will eventually start to corrode. When corrosion occurs, you will experience problems with your plumbing system like discolored water, bad-smelling water, and leaks. Corroded pipes need to be replaced before they get worse. Plumbers Phoenix can help with our fast, affordable repipe plumbing services.

Our Difference
• Same Day Repipe Services: Don’t suffer days or weeks without water in your home. Our professional plumbers use modern methods and technology which allow us to completely repipe homes in just one day.
• Local Plumbers: As a plumbing company based in Phoenix, AZ, we are familiar with the local plumbing systems, types of pipes used, building codes, and permits. Being local also means we know Phoenix streets and neighborhoods and can get to your home quickly in plumbing emergencies.
• Respect for Your Home: Our plumbers will never leave you with a mess to clean up. When performing plumbing work, we always take care to protect your floors, walls, and other surfaces against damage. If walls must be opened, we do so in a way which minimized damages.
• Up Front Pricing: There is no need to worry that our repipe plumbing services will cost you a fortune. By using the latest technology and methods for repipe work, we can get jobs done faster and save you money.

A Better Way to Repipe Your Home
Replacing the pipes in your home used to be a large, messy and expensive job. Residents would have to leave their homes for days or weeks, walls and floors would be torn apart, and extensive remodel work would be required after the job was finished. When you choose Plumbers Phoenix, you get a plumbing company which takes a modern approach to repipe services.

The first step of repipe services is to determine the condition of your pipes using video camera technology. Our plumbers will identify the worst pipes which may be leaking or at risk of bursting open. They will also point out any pipes which need replacing, but are not urgent. Based on this information, the plumbers can help you decide whether to do a complete or partial repipe. For example, you might decide to replace all exposed pipes and pipes that are easy to access, and save the pipes which would require cutting into walls.

To replace the pipes in your home, small access holes will be cut into walls or floors. Whenever possible, these holes are made in places which are not noticeable, like behind your bathroom cabinets. The old pipes are taken out and flexible tubing put in their place. It may be necessary to make larger holes in your walls, but our Phoenix plumbers can usually avoid costly damage.

Types of Materials Used for Repipe Services
Most home repipe services in Phoenix are done using PEX tubing. PEX is made from cross-linked polyethylene. It is very strong and, most importantly, it is non-reactive. Unlike old galvanized steel and iron pipes, or even modern copper pipes, PEX will not rust or corrode.

PEX tubing comes in different thicknesses – usually ¼ to 1 inch thick. Depending on the thickness and the way the PEX tubing was manufactured, the warranty on the material will vary. Most manufacturers guarantee PEX tubing for 25 years, though it can last a lifetime.

Some of the benefits of using PEX tubing for a repipe include:
• Cheaper: PEX tubing is much less expensive than copper or even plastic pipes. Since it is faster to install PEX tubing, repipe services with PEX are also cheaper.
• Better Water Pressure: PEX tubing is flexible and can be directly routed to where it needs to go. This reduces the need to make joints and turns, thus improving water floor and pressure.
• Faster Installation: Unlike copper pipes, there is no need to solder PEX tubing. Pieces of tube can be quickly put together using crimps. The flexibility of PEX tubing also makes it easier to work with.

In some cases, we may still recommend other materials for a repipe, such as plastic pipes or copper pipes. During your estimate, the plumber will explain your repipe options and the pros/cons of each material choice.

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